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A Series of Blunders

The Question:

If abortion becomes illegal in America, should anyone who then procures an abortion be punished under the law?

The Blunders:

"No. The woman is a victim too."

"Yes. She should be prosecuted for murder."

"Not sure. I haven't thought about it."

For a series of blunders by real "pro-lifers" caught on video go to:


*Warning: video not healthy to hear these responses but watch this short clip*

Most of the leaders and mentors in the pro-life movement, along with the politicians trying to win our allegiance, have recently weighed in on this question of "what if abortion becomes illegal, should we punish a woman or anyone who procures an illegal abortion after the abolition of abortion?"

Blunders, blunders, blunders abound in trying to answer this question!

Many people I admire and consider my mentors in our effort to abolish abortion have blundered through this media-inspired "gotcha" question.

Those of us who labor every day at abortion mills to see the end of child sacrifice in America cringe and ache over the lack of clarity and focus within the "pro-life" movement on this question, “Should a woman be punished for having an illegal abortion when it becomes illegal?”

Wanting to sound compassionate to the "what if" question, we wind up sounding like hypocrites or shallow; and those listening to our answers know it, only to write us off as insincere or foolish hypocrites.

While engaging students at Long Beach State in Southern California on the abortion issue I was approached by a student who posed that very question. I gave him the answer I will give below and he told me that my answer was surprisingly logical and thought out, even though he didn’t want abortion criminalized.

Then the same student walked to the other side of our genocide awareness display we had set up on the campus quad, and posed the same question to my mentor.

His answer to the student was the same answer most “pro-life” leaders have come up with.

Here it is in summary:

We do not believe if abortion becomes illegal that women should be punished for having an illegal abortion. Women are victims like the babies and need our love and compassion, not our judgment. Instead we should punish the abortionists for killing the babies and exploiting the women.

In fact, this mentor has also said, “These women [who chose abortion] are not without fault, but it is moral fault, not criminal fault. The remedy is spiritual, not penal.

This statement above is lacking in reason and logic.

The question about whether or not to punish a woman who commits an abortion is clarified by a future situation of our country coming to its senses. The answer to that question is based upon a future change in society. Therefore, in a future setting, the country has overturned the deadly “Supreme Court” Roe v Wade decision for the right reasons and the country has re-established the right to life of children living in the womb. These pre-born children would have equal protection under the existing laws that will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those fathers and/or mothers who would abuse their offspring.

Our country rightly prosecutes, now, the men and woman who starve their children to death, shake them to death for crying, beat them to death in a rage, leave them in a hot car to die, lock them in a room or cage, or as Susan Smith did in 1994, drowned her two small children in a lake because her boyfriend didn’t want any children.

How does a “pro-lifer” rationalize the idea that a woman is a ‘victim” who pops into her stomach a set of pills that starves a baby to death in the womb, or pays an abortionist to slice up her pre-born child with a sharpened vacuum cleaner hose and suck it into a jar, or secures an abortion that decapitates a baby and then she signs a release to sell the baby’s parts to a lab?

The overwhelming majority of woman who today and in the future seek to kill their children in the womb KNOW what they are doing. To believe otherwise is naive in the least or ignorant of what is really going on out there in the real world.

I have been outside abortion centers for almost forty years and today most men and women KNOW what an abortion is doing to a baby. A large number of women and couples boastingly say to sidewalk counselors outside abortion centers, “I know I’m killing a baby. I’ve’ killed two already and don’t care.”

In the past not so much, but the times have changed and most people know.

To stand by the notion that most women are victims, not perpetrators, is willful ignorance.

Certain pro-life leaders also believe if we insist a woman is punished for having an illegal abortion someday, our country will never get the consensus to make abortion illegal.

I will not agree to abandon truth and justice for a humanistic idea that “the people of our society won’t go for it.” That can NEVER be the reason to establish correct thinking and justice. It simply is not logical.

It should be said here that abolitionists must have solid, reasoned, and rational answers to the challenges that will follow after the end of child sacrifice in America. So in one sense those asking the "gotcha" question have a legitimate question.

Some years ago a politician bombed the "gotcha" question of "what about pregnancy from rape?"

After that blundered answer, eventually the leaders of our Cause formed and articulated a reasonable and sound answer that is effective in dialogue with people who struggle with that proposed exception of a rape/pregnancy to try and justify abortion-on-demand. Unfortunately, there are too many “pro-lifers” still out there who think there are exceptions for abortions…but that’s another blog.

So below is what we believe to be a logical and reasonable answer that our team of well-seasoned abolitionists concluded after a six hour meeting of the minds.

Questioner: "If abortion becomes illegal, should women be punished and put in prison for having an illegal abortion?"

Answer: "By the sound of your question, you seem to have a desire for justice.

So I need some understanding of your question. Why would abortion become illegal?"

Questioner: Because everything you people want to happen, ending abortion, would come true and the law would be changed."

Answer: So again I must ask for clarification; why would our country change or correct the laws and the Supreme Court overturn Roe vs Wade? Something must have happened for the people of America to end abortion-on-demand.

Questioner: "Well, I guess your belief that an abortion kills a living human being is the reason abortion would become illegal.

Answer: So the premise of your question would be that our society had finally come to the conclusion that abortion is an act of immoral violence that kills a little pre-born boy or girl?

Questioner: Yes.

Answer: Trent Horn, a well-known activist for ending abortion, or child sacrifice, stated the correct response to this question.

He said,
"When I am asked about how women who choose illegal abortions should be punished, I reframe the question in order to get at the moral logic that hides behind our conflicting emotions. The larger question we should ask is, "What punishment should women receive when they kill any of their children, born or unborn?"

Questioner: So what is your answer?

Answer: It would depend. There are numerous existing laws concerning the killing of children and the "new" law banning abortion because it is homicide, would seem to fit quite well into the existing laws of homicide or abuse of children.

Trent Horn also stated: "The most honest answer [for a punishment] is the same answer we give for every other crime: 'It depends.' In fact, if the pro-life advocate is stuck in a sound-bite situation, he can simply say that punishments for crimes are complex matters, but protecting the innocent is simple, and the pre-born should simply be protected under the law. Punishments for crimes are not uniform because they are based on the killer's intent and the circumstances involved and not just on the kind of crime committed. Not every homicide is considered first-degree murder, and punishment for homicide can vary from the death penalty to probation.”

For many women, abortion has been legal their entire lives, and in the United States there are no government public education campaigns to discourage them from having an abortion (unlike for other harmful things such as smoking, or driving drunk). Many professional medical organizations endorse abortion, and many women choose abortion when their partner, family, or health-care provider suggests or imposes it upon them."

Questioner: So you're saying women who have illegal abortions should be punished?

Answer: If a society concludes killing innocent children is immoral and evil and is a crime against humanity, then it must establish or enforce laws to protect the children from those who would intentionally try to do them harm while they are growing in the womb.

A just society will also establish laws that will protect men, women, and children from predators, such as abortionists, drug dealers, pedophiles, and sex traffickers.

When the society has created laws to protect all human beings, born and pre-born, we should aggressively go after those criminals who prey on men, women, and children.

A person who procures an illegal abortion will be punished according to the role they played in the death of that pre-born child.

Abortion-on-demand for almost fifty years is still legal in America due in part to the stumbling, weak and uninformed answers many well-meaning “pro-lifers” have put out there in the marketplace of ideas. There are some great pro-life apologists who have given great answers in the tools offered to the “pro-life people for the battle. But some are not perfect and completely solid in all of their answers to the sometimes tough challenges.

One reason for the struggle to have a unified answer to all the challenges can be found in lacking a Christ-centered mind in all one’s writings. That problem can lead to misusing God’s word to make a point or giving a humanistic answer to a question that sounds rational but lacks the truth of the matter…an answer based on emotional feelings rather than truth.

I think that is what has happened with the question of punishment or no punishment for having an illegal abortion.

We must all, every day, wake up and secure the mind of Christ all day long. Otherwise we end up like the people in Romans chapter 1 in the New Testament who “know the truth, but choose the lie.”

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