What We Do

I’m Don Blythe, Christian Abolitionist.

While in college in the late seventies, I asked the Lord to lead me into a career ministry that would make a difference in the halls of Heaven.

Wow! Did He answer that prayer… and then some.

My mom always wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer and I’m involved in a ministry that delivers babies and I’ve spent time in the courtroom. That might translate into becoming a doctor and a lawyer for my mom.

Where do I go to save babies you ask?

Since you can’t have an impact without a collision I go to abortion centers, high schools, colleges, and on the streets handing out over half a million of our brochures. It is important to go where the people are living and engage the culture, resulting in thousands of babies saved and many lives brought to the foot of the Cross.

I’ve been in ministry since 1984 on the streets of America to “rescue those being led to the slaughter.” From standing with half a million pro-life marchers at the “Supreme” Court steps, to convincing over four thousand women that choosing life is the best and right solution, this has been the right message and the right time.

I owe all of my adventures to the Lord Jesus Christ, who paid the penalty for my sins, called me to a heart of repentance, and sent me into the battle for the souls of men and women. He also placed a small band of Believers along the way to be role models and my support team on the journey… to sow and reap the harvest.

Most police officers are professional and respectful. However, there are times when a misguided officer crosses the line. I don't like being handcuffed and taken to the slammer, so it has become necessary to stand up to the occasional rogue officer.

I've been arrested and taken to court numerous times for handing out our information in public and have won every case. Even got to be my own lawyer in one case. Mom would be proud of her lawyer son.

But the real lawyers at Life Legal Defense Foundation are part of the success of this ministry. I owe them my freedom. Allison, Katie, Mike, Dana… You are loved.

Meet some of the babies saved through this ministry

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